6 YouTube Ad Targeting Options Every Marketer Should Know

Youtube ad targeting

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YouTube is one of the popular platforms that can take your business to the next level; if used smartly. For example; you can run your ads on it. Thus, it is crucial to know about YouTube Ad Targeting. Let’s look at the various targeting possibilities. When it comes to YouTube advertising, you’ll rapidly learn what works, what doesn’t, and how to get everything set up. Continue reading to learn more about the YouTube targeting possibilities available to businesses.

YouTube Ad Targeting Options You Should Know

#1 Search based Targeting

You don’t want your adverts to appear on anyone’s screen at any time. When creating mass advertisements, you may find it even more challenging to catch the attention of your target audience if your company operates in a specialized area.

Fortunately, by looking at a user’s YouTube search history, search-based video ad targeting allows you to place your adverts on videos.

This audience-targeted marketing strategy works in a variety of ways.

For example, if your company sells hair goods, search-based video ad targeting focuses on those looking for hair products on YouTube or Google. Users who are watching videos from a channel that generates content relevant to your industry can also be reached using this targeting option.

You can use the option in YouTube ad campaigns to help you:

  • Deliver advertisements to YouTube visitors that are helpful.
  • Users should get a tailored ad experience.
  • Make more targeted YouTube advertising by using Google searches.

When you understand what your YouTube audience is looking for, your company might gain a whole new perspective on your target market. This may provide you with a competitive advantage.

#2 Channels of competition

Consider what would happen if your YouTube targeting options allowed you to show your advertising on videos created by your competitors. This appears to be a good method for keeping your business top-of-mind among current and potential customers. Fortunately, competitor channel targeting allows you to achieve this seemingly impossible goal.

For example, if you sell makeup you may want to target a video; by direct competition. Having your advertising show in the films of your competitors gives you a competitive advantage and can help you gain new clients.

Do you have a YouTube channel in mind that you’d want to promote? If not, look for channels that provide content related to your field. After you’ve compiled a list, consider which ones will yield the best results for your company.

You can only target Partner Channels using competitor channel targeting. This implies that they must have taken the essential procedures to monetize their video. You can display your adverts on a YouTube channel’s videos if the channel is eligible for ads.

You can’t advertise on a company’s videos if they haven’t monetized their channel.

#3 True View in-stream ads

Since YouTube’s inception in 2005, the ad targeting possibilities on the platform have evolved significantly. Companies are no longer restricted to the periphery of a video. You can now place your advertisements in the center of a viewer’s screen. Skippable advertising, also known as TrueView in-stream ads, are advertisements that appear before, during, or after the video that a viewer wishes to watch. They resemble a trailer that plays before a movie from one angle. You have several options for where your TrueView advertising will appear:

  • Watch page
  • Homepage
  • Search results page

You can deliver a visual promo or commercial that informs your audience about any topic, sale, or new product launch that you want to promote because non-skippable adverts endure 20 to 30 seconds. The ability to harness affinity audiences is what makes this YouTube strategy so successful.

Affinity audiences are defined by a group of people’s shared interests or habits. Users interested in dining out, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects or healthy living are just a few examples. More than 130 affinity audiences are available on YouTube.

Youtube ad targeting


By researching your target audience- you may use this YouTube ad targeting feature. To determine the ideal affinity audience for your business, identify the characteristics that distinguish your audience.

Affinity audiences are one of the most popular choices for businesses for a reason. It offers a tailored ad experience to visitors. Affinity audiences are also a low-cost advertising option.

Because you only pay when your consumers interact with your ads, it’s typically a cost-effective way for businesses to promote themselves while getting a good return on investment (ROI).

#4 Customer Match

Nearly 70% of customers say that the relevancy and timing of a company’s messages have an impact on their view of the brand.

Do you believe that reaching the appropriate audience at the right moment is impossible?

You may utilize Google Ads to establish a more targeted approach that helps you reach your marketing goals with YouTube’s customer match targeting option.

What is the mechanism behind it?

Businesses can submit CSV or Excel files containing emails, such as those from an email subscriber list, to Google Ads. You can use these emails to target potential consumers on YouTube directly.

You promote your advertising to users that have the most value and interest in your business using customer match targeting. This method allows your company to get more out of its advertising campaigns, such as new leads and consumers.

#5 Demographics

Youtube ad targeting

When it comes to YouTube targeting, you have a lot of possibilities. You have complete control over how and where your advertisements are shown and who receives them. While this method can be applied to countless other strategies, such as TrueView in-stream videos or non-skippable advertising, marketers should use it as the initial step in their YouTube marketing campaign.

The following are some of the most common demographics accessible for YouTube ads:


Do males, women, or a mix of the two offer your products and services more frequently? To maximize your chances of success, consider creating YouTube ads that target men and women from distinct perspectives.


Is your target audience in their twenties? Or does your brand appeal to a more mature demographic? To cater to the age range of your YouTube audience, use distinct cultural allusions, vocabulary, and general marketing strategies.

Parental Status:

This targeting option may be useful for businesses that cater to parents. If your products appear to be most suited for youngsters, placing your ads on films watched by parents can help you reach a wider audience.

Household earnings:

Whether you sell high-end or low-cost goods, household income might help you narrow down your target market. Use your target audience’s average household income to target your adverts to the proper people.


A commercial for a restaurant chain in New York isn’t appropriate for viewers in California. Find out where your target market resides so you can effectively place your adverts on YouTube.

Look at your current client base if you’re not sure what demographic your audience represents. To construct an accurate picture of your target audience’s demographics, research their area, interests, age, and more.

#6 Interests

After you’ve assessed the demographics that define your target market, it’s time to go over their features in greater detail. Audience interests and behaviors, often known as psychographics, can give you information about your customers’ thoughts. This knowledge can help you gain an advantage when it comes to ad placement on YouTube.

When creating a YouTube ad campaign, consider the following interests:


Your audience has opinions on any product or service your company sells. Investigate your consumers’ attitudes in greater depth to have a deeper grasp of the factors that impact their purchasing decisions.


Is your target audience content with a modest life or a rich one? Or, in terms of their lifestyle, they may strike a balance between extravagant and laid-back. Finding out your clients’ lifestyle gives you significant data into how your ad targeting works, whether they’re more prone to splurge or save.


For several reasons, customers are compelled to acquire items or services. Conduct extensive study into what your target market values and what inspires them to buy.

#7 Hobbies and interests:

What do your clients do in their spare time? A company selling swimming gear, for example, may discover that its target client enjoys not only swimming but also outdoor experiences in general, which might assist with affinity audiences.

After you’ve launched your YouTube advertisements, you can use campaign data to refine your audience’s interests. This information can assist your team in developing a more effective ad campaign, which can result in more leads, purchases, and income.


Planning your YouTube ad campaign and developing a customized approach can make a big difference in your YouTube marketing strategy’s success. You may reach the appropriate viewers at the right moment on this platform if you know how to tailor your adverts. Are you all set to begin? Do you want to know the best target audience for YouTube? If yes, hire the best digital marketing agency now!

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